DIY Halloween Costume: Starbucks Cup

DIY Starbucks Halloween Costumes

I’m always on the hunt for halloween costumes for which I don’t have to spend $50 only to look like a synthetic-fabric sailor, if you know what I mean. Even better if I can say I crafted it myself!

I’ll be honest, my inspiration came from this pug. But, the execution came out pretty cute.

Materials: Brown paper bag, Coffee cup lid, Hair clip, White Dress

Estimated costs: Less than $10 (if you know how to scour a clearance rack!)

Cut off the handles and bottom of a brown paper bag to make the coffee cup wrap. I personalized it by affixing the Starbucks logo (simply printed it out on cardstock!), adding the ‘shots’, ‘syrup’, and ‘drink’ boxes (inappropriate jokes to come), and of course writing the “Caution: Very Hot!” Wrap it around a white dress and you’re good to go! Added points for the hat, for which I hot glued my most recent coffee lid to an old barrette.

Starbucks Costume


Can’t wait to wear it out!


4 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Costume: Starbucks Cup

    • Thanks, Kenzie! It’s actually just a brown paper bag you would get from a grocery store. I deconstructed it by unfolding the corners of the bottom of the bag, and then cutting along one of the side seams. That will give you one long piece.

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